Read this if you want to:

Have More Money & Create Generational Wealth.

For your Family.

Show Me How!

Read this if you want to:

Have More Money,

Afford To

Buy A Home In Hawai'i,

and create Generational wealth for your family 

Show Me How!

Aloha, 👋🏽

 Join me in the Wealthy Wahine Workshop.

6 weeks of financial activation so you can increase your net worth & preserve the home you love for the generations to come. 💯


IÊ»m going to reveal simple, yet strategic ways to grow your income, diversify and make money on a bigger scale so you can actually can afford to live and stay in Hawaii. ðŸ™ŒðŸ½


"I've taken lots of financial courses but this course was different in many ways. It helped me look towards my future & the future for the next generations to come. She didn't talk about budget instead she has taught me that money is all around us. She helped me realize that a passion of mine can become a potential income... Be on the lookout for 'Kooking with Karlette'. But why did I want to cry. This course was so amazing! It's a gift that's going to keep on giving. Mahalo nui."

~ Karlette Kekela-Prieto

"Loved taking this class! Ui's understanding of how locals in Hawaii have been impacted by western traditions around money is so invaluable- bc she is able to talk us through the steps in a supportive and structured environment. She provides amazing tools that helped me create  a foundation for thinking and organizing my money for lasting growth. It helps so much to take a class from someone who understands what it's like to live in Hawaii & has herself found ways to make money work for her. This class is a must take!"

~ Chanelle Chin Toletino

"The Wealthy Wahine Workshop motivated me to take a more responsible look at my family's finances. My husband and I have steady jobs working for private & federal companies so I thought as long as we're in the green, I don't need to pay attention to the bank accounts. At the same time, I felt guilt & shame to spend on me or on a special dinner. I also grew up thinking I personally couldn't manage money. So I never did. But upon stepping into the entrepreneurial scene, I wanted more control & more awareness of the flow of my family's money. The Wealthy Wahine Workshop gave me the tools & tips to do exactly that. Now, mu husband & I openly talk about how we want to spend our money. We even started a piggy-bank for our 2 year-old son so he knows that he can manage money. Now, I love knowing that  'money is all around me' & it's joyful to manage it , give & receive it. This class also encouraged me to get my first credit care! I'm loving the benefits!"

~ Megan D.

"The Wealthy Wahine workshop with U’ilani Tevaga was the perfect environment I needed to finally release what was holding me back and focus on creating the legacy of financial security in my family. It was powerful to share space with other mama’s and uplift one another. The environment U’ilani provided allowed us to share openly, grow, and leave the 6 weeks with clarity of how to move forward. I appreciated the speakers who joined us as I was able to receive new insight on home buying, get clarity on finding my gifts, and analyze how my finances could improve. I am filled with mahalo for Wealthy Wahine and the new mindset I have. I AM A WEALTHY WAHINE! Mahalo nui U’i for pouring into us. I have a new mindset and that is the game changer my family and I have been praying for. Aloha"

~ Kaliko Kaauamo

--> Iʻm so ready!

We will come up with a plan for you to create more income, invest and create TRUE WEALTH on YOUR terms 

Listen to what my students had to say... 


Here's the scoop, this is NOT your ordinary financial course! 

Just simple and proven strategies that are working RIGHT NOW. 


And It's About MORE Than Just  Budgeting.

Wealthy Wahine Workshop Student

~ Lahela M.

You will find that this course will expand on a variety of topics that will go beyond just the surface of your finances. 🌱

Whether you're a wanting more income, wanting to get out of debt, pay off loans, have a better relationship with money, or buy a home, YOUR home, in Hawai'i…
This workshop is for you. 🔥
Like I said, there's so much more to this than just basic financial advice 😏

Here's A Fraction Of What You're Getting 👇🏼

 âœ… Say "goodbye" to old strategies that don't work


✅  IMPORTANT!  How to eliminate financial overwhelm 


✅  Why scrimping and saving is NOT the way anymore


✅  The Money Mindset every woman needs to have in 2021 

How To Bounce Back From Debt, Low Credit And Financial Mistakes A.S.A.P!!!


✅  The ONE THING you can to do eliminate cultural barriers and old habits


✅  Think you can't afford to live in abundance in Hawai'i? WRONG!!!


✅  What you should NEVER do if you want to get ahead financially


✅  Why managing your money normally and sticking to a budget isn't the way to wealth

Think You Can't Afford A Down Payment For Your Home In Hawai'i. I'll Show How!


✅  The truth about "good" money and "bad" money


✅ What to do if you're working 24/7 and not getting anywhere financially


✅ How to make money online without becoming an entrepreneur


✅ Learn how to generate wealth without budgeting like crazy

Why Increasing Your Self Worth Will Drastically Shift Your Net Worth!


✅  How to break generations curses in your family and create generational wealth


✅ Not everyone has to be an entrepreneur to make cash-flow


✅ Think stocks and bonds are only for boring old white men in suits? 


✅ Learn about the financial resources that no-one is talking about


and so much more...

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You're right!!! That's a lot to take in...


But you're also getting… 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

BONUS #1: $1K In 30 Days Fast Cash Bonus (A $499 Value)

Ok! So you wanna make extra cash, right? We all do!

Double your investment immediately with this FREE BONUS in your first 30 Days.

Not sure where to start?

Do you ask yourself, "Where do you even have the time?!", or " I don't even know what my "thing" is?"

I'm going to show you how to make a profit NOW.., without a "thing". I'm going to teach you how you can make cash IMMEDIATELY in this training. 

BONUS #2: How To Eliminate Emotional Spending (A $249 Value)

You work hard and you earn “good money” but if you think to yourself each month “where the HELL did it all go?” Then this is the training for you!

I know you wanna ENJOY your money, right? Guilt FREE!

This isn’t a training telling you to stop spending your cash, it’s to help you take more control so you have what you really want without the shame and hustle. 🙌🏼

BONUS #3:  Guest Speaker: Top Passive Income Strategist  (A $400 Value)

Attend an intimate workshop with a special guest speaker who is an expert in the area of passive income. In this workshop we will go over different ways you can monetize the online space to grow your income passively.

This workshop will help you identify what you can do to monetize your skills and talents that will fit into your lifestyle. 

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If you’re thinking “where’s the catch”


1. I have made it affordable to weed out the "freebie" seekers...

2. I only want students who take action.

3. I've included 3 incredible bonuses.. because I'm cool like that,  I like to hook my friends up with deals. 😎


 That being said there is ONE more thing to keep in mind...


Time Is Of The Essence 😱

Here's why…
Today you can join my workshop for an extremely affordable price of $329. 
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Simple! I want to help you GROW your income and I'm SO passionate about keeping Hawaiian lands in Hawaiian hands…  💯
But these 3 exclusive bonuses are only only available for a limited time with the purchase of the workshop. 
And then once they are gone… well, it's GONE! 
So don't miss this offer while it's still available. 
Oh - one more thing..

Let me student tell you more...

"Now, I love knowing that  'money is all around me' & it's joyful to manage it , give & receive it."

~ Megan D.


I 100% guarantee you'll love this workshop and the bonuses or I'll return your $329 within 14 days… and you can even keep bonus #1 + #2. 😳


That's right! You don't even have to send anything back. Just email me and I'll give you all you money back. No questions asked!


Sound good Sis?


You have nothing to lose...


But everything to gain.



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U'ilani Tevaga 💕


P.S Incase you're like me Sis, and skip to the end.., let me fill you in.

I'm launching a BRAND NEW course called Wealthy Wahine Workshop.

A simple yet powerful workshop that outlines NEW formulas for financial activism that will transform your lifestyle if you apply it (just like it did for me)!

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BONUS ONE: Fast Cash Bonus Training ✅


BONUS TWO: How To Eliminate Emotional Spending ✅


BONUS THREE: Guest Speaker Workshop with a Passive Income Strategist  ✅


I'm giving you these as free bonus gifts because I want you to implement, what you learn from this course immediately...


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If you don't absolutely love the course, just let me know. I'll give you your $329 back within 14 days,  and you can keep the bonuses anyway! 


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